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About Us

Smith FamilyMy name is David Smith.  I’m 17 years old and my dad (Dr. Jonathan) told me to write the “About Us” section of this website so here I am.

My dad discovered cranberry oil when I was in diapers and he tried to cook with it.  However, it tasted like nothing and burned easily, so he knew it wasn’t for cooking. Then, he ran a chemical analysis thing on it, and he saw it had a very rare form of Vitamin E in it called gamma tocotrienol (I think).  It’s really good for your skin, so my dad says he used it on my diaper rash, and it worked!  So now we make all of these lotions and creams in our “garage”, which is the only garage in our small town with 3-phase power and stainless steel machines in it. 

We recently got this new pumping machine which is easier to operate, and instead of “blowing up”, like our old one did, it “blows down”.  It’s still boring though, and we (more, just I) do it on weekends and occasional weeknights when I could be “wasting my life away with my friends”.  Jen, my sister, often helps with the pumping.  We trade off, and it’s always more entertaining with more people.  Mom handles all of the mailorders, and we get a lot of mailorders.  On good days (or bad, depending on your point of view) our entire counter will be full of boxes waiting to be mailed.  It was nice talking to you, but Dad says I have to go clean the lotion machine before bed.  Bye!

Resume for Dr. Jonathan

Real Name:  Jonathan Daniel Smith (50)
Current Address:  511 Wisconsin River Drive Port Edwards, WI 54469
Wife:  Michelle Lynn (not much older than I am)
Children:  Jenifer Jon (20) ; David Allen (17)

  1. Childhood:  Born and raised on a farm in Marysville, Pennsylvania



Pennsylvania State University – B.S. Horticulture, 1987.  Effects of magnetism on seed emergence and plant growth.
University of Wisconsin Madison – M.S. Horticulture, 1990  Use of polymer gels to enhance nutritional uptake and soil moisture retention.
University of Wisconsin Madison – Ph.D. Horticulture, 1993  Cranberry Nutrition and Physiology.  Use of aeroponics to track nitrogen uptake and utilization in cranberry plants.


Previous & Current Employment:

Northland Cranberries – Vice President Research and Development.  Conducted all field R&D for the company.  Managed the nutritional, yield, and quality programs for 2100 acres of cranberries, and ran the processing facility, harvesting and packaging up to 9 million pounds of fresh fruit annually.   Conducted international research work with Bord na Mona to grow the first commercial fields of American cranberries in the peat bogs in Ireland.
Sweet Nature Products – Partner.  Discovery & isolation of cranberry oil from the seed.
Cran Pro Consulting – Owner.  Field consulting of cranberry and blueberry farms in New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada, to maximize crop performance and yield.
BerryWorks – Built a lotion company to manufacture a new line of cranberry oil cosmetic products called:  Doctor Jonathan’s Lotion Company
Alpine Foods – Co-Owner.   Built a cranberry processing facility that harvests, packages, and freezes up to 15 million pounds per year for truckload volume sales to bakeries, powdering companies, and other large manufacturers.

Simply Incredible Foods – President.  Specialized fruit processing and packaging facility dedicated to producing and selling our new patented low acid cranberries, called Cransations.  We also sell a wide range of retail and food service cranberry products that are produced in our new facility.
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